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Mystery Bag - 3 Second & B-Grade pins - 3 sizes

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 Mystery Bags contain 3 randomly selected & slightly flawed pins (with no duplicates). 💰💰💰

All pins still look fine and have no major flaws. These flaws can be one of these: slightly different colors from A-grade pin, piece of dust trapped in enamel, small scratch, small stain, oxidized metal. 

3 options availables:

- One with only small pins
- One with a mix of small and big pins
- One with only big pins

Small pins include any pin that costs 10.99€ or less (e.g. Master Sword, Heart container, Chibi guardian...)
Big pins include any pin that cost between 11€ and 15€ (e.g. Backpack Korok, Zonai Gate, Light Dragon...)

Images give examples of pins that could be included, but ALL pins available from my shop can potentially be included.

All blind bags are premade so no special requests can be made.