Hi! :)

I'm Doriane, the person behind Blibloop.

I'm a French self-taught artist who recently dropped her job as an analyst to pursue her childhood passion: draw and create fun stuff for video game & pop culture enthusiasts!

I have no art background (do drawing lessons in tenth grade count?) but I'm eager to prove myself that there's no age to learn and ~ follow your dream ~ (ie quit a serious adult job to draw silly characters).

I mostly make digital art, but I also like to experiment with traditional art, including sketching, watercolor and linocut.

Aside from doodling, I love wandering in nature, camping, cabins, playing video games, reading comics and fantasizing about living on a desert island with only my bare hands to survive.

These days I spend most of my time working on my small biz but I would love to hear about your project, commission, inquiries or anything really. Feel free to drop me a message and let's talk!

Contact me

How I make cute merch

I carefully source my products to ensure the best quality, and I try to make packages as pretty as I can while using as much recyclable materials as possible.

My illlustrations are printed locally and use sturdy & thick high quality paper.

I asked my manufacturer to replace all single plastic bags that were used to wrap each pin by tissue paper, and I reuse this as wrapping paper to avoid unecessary waste.

Orders are sent in little cardboard boxes, flat cardboard or padded enveloppes depending on items. My pins have various backing cards that match their design. I also add extra stuff like stickers and thank you cards in each order.

I hope that these small touches show how grateful I am for people who support my work!