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Set of 6 to 8 pins -Flowers of the Wild Collection

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The complete Flower of the Wild pin collection! 🌻🌺🌼🌷🌿
Recreations of the most iconic flowers from Zelda: Breath of the Wild ✨

Available as a set of 6 pins (all flowers including one Safflina variant) OR a set of 8 pins (all flowers with all 3 Safflina variants)!

Pack of six includes:
- Swift Violet (3.2x2.5cm | 1.3x1 in)
- Silent Princess (3.7x2.5cm | 1.5x1 in)
- Blue Nightshade (3.4x3cm | 1.4x1 in)
- Hyrule Herb (3.4x1.5cm | 1.4x0.6 in)
- Armoranth (3.6x2.5cm | 1.4x1 in)
- Safflina (any color) (4.4x3cm | 1.7x1.2 in)

Pack of 8 includes all mentioned pins + all Safflina variants (yellow, red, blue)

Hard enamel, gold metal, 2 green rubber back clutches

Designed with love by myself 💚