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Set of 6 Pins - Korok Friends

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Yahaha! These six lil' fellas were hiding all over Hyrule but you found them! 💚✨
Inspired by Koroks from BotW and TotK.


  • Sitting Korok: 1.1x0.8in | 3x2cm
  • Korok with a branch: Dimensions: 1.2x1.1in | 3.2x3cm
  • Korok and Rock: Dimensions: 2.2x1.6in | 5,6x4cm
  • Dancing Korok: 1.4x1.2in | 3,6x3cm
  • Flying Korok: 1.8x2.2in | 4,6x5,7cm
  • Backpack Korok: 2.2x2.2in | 5,5x5,5cm

Materials: hard enamel, gold metal plating, screen printing, 2 rubber back clutches

Designed with love by myself 💚