All orders are shipped within 5 business days of receipt. Orders are usually shipped every Wednesday but this is subject to change depending on order volumes.

Only orders where "with tracking" is selected will receive a notification email with a tracking number. Otherwise, you will receive a notification email without a tracking number once your order is shipped. Please wait for one or two days for the tracking number to be functional.

I recommend choosing the tracking option in case your order gets lost or delayed.



- 1.99€ for smaller orders (like stickers)
- 2.99€ for medium orders (like 1-8 prints or 2-4 pins)
- 5.49€ for bigger orders that are less than 30€ (more than 4 pins)

Orders 30€ and more get free shipping without tracking.

For tracked orders, rates vary from 2.99€ to 6.49€ until the 40€ threshold. Above 40€, tracking costs 2.99€.


- 2.49€ for smaller orders (like stickers)
- 3.49€ for medium orders (like 1-8 prints or 1-4 pins)
- 5.99€ for bigger orders that are less than 50€ (more than 4 pins)

Orders 50€ and more get free shipping without tracking.

For tracked orders, rates vary from 5.99€ to 7.99€ until the 50€ threshold. Above 50€, tracking costs 3.99€ and above 80€, tracking is free.

Returns, exchanges and refunds are possible under certain conditions, depending on the issue. Please contact me with your issue if you wish to know what applies to your case.

Products are packaged with recyclable materials, except smaller packages with padded envelopes, where the bubble wrap cannot be recycled. Some products are packaged in reused tissue paper from manufacturer packaging to avoid as much waste as possible.

Due to the new VAT (Brexit) system, we cannot legally ship to the UK without a VAT license.

If you live in the UK, please go to my Etsy shop instead.

Delivered countries also depend on the national carrier. If this carrier suspended delivery in your country, we will not be able to send your order. In this case, you will get a full refund.

❗Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, the following estimated delivery is not guaranteed. Due to new COVID laws, international deliveries have been taking up to two months.

- Estimated delivery in France: 1-5 business days after shipping
- Estimated delivery in Europe: 5-15 business days after shipping
- Estimated delivery in the rest of the world: 10-25 business days after shipping

If you have not received your order two weeks after the delivery estimates above, please contact me.

I am not responsible for losses or delays incurred by the shipping carrier.

If you wrote the wrong address, please contact me as soon as possible with the correct address. Once I ship your order, I will not refund it if you typed the wrong address, since it is your responsibility to provide the right mail information.

If your shipment arrives clearly damaged also contact me by sending me a photo of the damaged order as soon as you have received it.

Sometimes there can be additional costs due upon delivery. Unfortunately, this is out of my control and I can not know or foresee what additional charges may be due upon delivery. Please note that if there are additional fees at the door, they are your responsibility to pay. If you do not pay them then your order will be returned to us and at which point, we will issue you a refund for your order minus a handling fee of 5€. 

By purchasing from my shop, you agree to the above shipping and returns policy. Thank you! 💚